James Screeden, Mary Stith and Jillian Holmes
Doris J. Hunt Volunteer of the Year, Distinguished Advocate of the Year and Freshman Awards

James Screeden, Mary Stith and Jillian Holmes

Every year, CASA Kane County honors a CASA volunteer as the Doris J. Hunt Volunteer of the Year.  As one of the organization’s founders and supporters, Doris Hunt was honored with the first award in 1995, in honor of her outstanding dedication and committment to CASA Kane County. This year, the Doris J. Hunt Volunteer of the Year was awarded to CASA/GAL Jim Screeden.

CASA Kane County held its annual Volunteer Recognition Evening on April 13, 2018.  This is an evening where CASA honors the many years of service and thanks our volunteers for the advocacy they provide to kids in foster care.

Jim came to CASA in 2009, following in the footsteps of his late wife Pat. Jim’s first case went on for over 7 years and involved a boy who had special needs. There were always a lot of meetings about his situation, goals, and education. Jim’s strengths are communication, dedication and perseverance. He steps up to do whatever is needed and accepts our most difficult cases. He also writes outstanding, clear, detailed reports.

In addition, CASA Kane County presented CASA/GAL Mary Stith with the Distinguished Advocate of the Year Award.  Mary joined CASA Kane County in 2011. She has closed 2 cases, serving a total of 6 children and is currently managing her third case involving 4 children in 3 separate placements. In her current case, one of the four kids is a 2 year old with complex medical issues; placed in Rockford, IL. Along with the extra miles she’s driven. We are grateful Mary brings a nursing background to this case and has been a tremendous advocate for this medically complex little girl.

New this year, the Freshman of the Year was awarded to CASA/GAL Jill Holmes. Jill was sworn in as a CASA/GAL in 2016 and within 10 days she accepted her first case; that’s still continuing to date. Jill has also successfully completed two Probate cases with ease and desires to do more. Jill not only has given CASA but she (and her family) have also been donors of the organization. What also makes Jill outstanding is her organizational skills, her writing ability and her detail and follow up with Optima note entries.

Thank You Advocates for Your Years of Service!

5 Years

Greg Benson
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15 Years

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20 Years

Elizabeth Erotas-Rouzer
Robert Mehrens
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25 Years

Pete Capone


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