Gift Card, Suitcase

& Incidentals Program


In 2011, we began a very important and much-needed program to enhance the lives of our foster children by providing them with extra items (listed below) and getting our community more involved to assist with those unique needs. We realize not everyone can be a CASA/GAL volunteer and may not be able to give financially at the level they want, but everyone can do SOMETHING, and together with your neighbors, friends, work, church and/or other groups—we can all make a difference!

Statistics show that by providing needed items and one on one support teaches independence, builds and inspires confidence in the lives of children who often feel forgotten and unimportant. While these children are considered “youth in care” funds are still needed to support typical childhood experiences, activities and educational enrichment programs for foster youth that are not readily available from government sources. It is our joy and honor to be able to serve these children each and every day.

Needed Items For Foster Youth

Gift Cards

Gift cards for youth to purchase needed items like a mattress or winter coat


Funding for educational classes or special workshops


Tickets to attend a movie, pool, park or other recreational activity

Bus Passes

Bus passes for school, work or to see a friend or loved one

Suitcases & Duffels

Emergency suitcases/duffels with personal hygiene items and age appropriate things

Household Items

Laundry basket with linens and household items as they move into independence

Birthday Celebration

Birthday cake and gift for “forgotten” foster children to celebrate their special day

Gas Cards

Gas cards for CASA/GAL volunteers who are traveling far distances to visit their children

All cash and gift cards stay local.

For more information, please call 630-444-3108 today!  We look forward to hearing from you.

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will not be able to repay you.”

– John Wooden


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