Become a CASA/GAL Volunteer

In Their Own Words - From CASA Children:

Things changed when I was 11.  That year, I was assigned a CASA volunteer.  It was through her influence that I began to step out of my shell and to flourish and grow into the outgoing, confident, motivated and open-minded young woman I am today.  7 black girl smile

Hispanic Man with male child       My CASA volunteer went above and beyond the call of duty.  I believe that everyone is born with the ability to succeed, but that some fail to meet their potential.  As youth in care, we need more support to know what we are capable of because we often feel we are less than average.  My CASA volunteer provided that encouragement and support. 

Many people think it is difficult to influence a teenager, but my experience with my CASA volunteer is proof that it's not an impossible task.  Because I was uprooted and moved from placement to placement, I was vulnerable and less likely to allow others into my life.  My CASA and I were able to move past vulnerability and build a relationship because she was patient, reliable and unconditionally accepting.  She helped me understand that I deserve a better life than the circumstances that caused my entry into care.  She provided me with a sense of security, belonging and acceptance.  Not only was she my CASA volunteer, but she is now a part of my family.    254I9975 LOW

In Their Own Words - From CASA Volunteers:


ASA/GAL Jeff W. spoke about how the biggest reward of being a CASA is,

Knowing this child is going to be okay; knowing that this child will probably help other children in the future.


My CASA children have given me so much more than I’ve given them.


ASA/GAL Kathleen D. states,

No other volunteer work I’ve ever done comes close to the same reward I get back from being a CASA … it feeds my soul.

CASA/GAL Michael Y. explains when a family is granted guardianship after foster care,

They gain stability, security – everything you want a child to have.


CASA/GAL Deb S. refers to her five siblings in her case as her heroes.

I’ve watched them overcome significant challenges in their lives and the system works.

CASA/GAL Barb & Bill H. describe their joy as,

Seeing a case resolve in a successful adoption.


CASA/GAL Erin B. discusses the challenges of the judicial system,

The wheels of justice crank slowly, but with good reason.

CASA/GAL David C. shares his personal case story about a teenage child making a significant transition and how he was thrilled to hear the youth asking,

Will Mr. Dave still be my CASA Advocate?


CASA/GAL Laura M. speaks to the challenges facing our youth today and states,

Children should worry about who they’re going to play with, what toy they’re going to play with next – not what home they’re going to live in next.

CASA/GAL Mary S. gives us her unique perspective as a CASA,

You’re the one person who comes to the family and says ‘I’m just here for the kids’…