Keep kids safe, report abuse.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and CASA Kane County, as a leading nonprofit agency in promoting child welfare, is hosting a variety of community awareness activities to help draw attention to this important issue right here in Kane County. […]

Former CASA Child sets out to break a record!

Help CASA Kane County spread the word about a former CASA Child with an incredible story.  Marisa came from a pretty rough place – she lost her hearing by the hands of her father and spent most of her childhood and young adulthood in a massive amount of pain and confusion.  She is a former foster youth who spent years in the Kane County court system, but fortunately had the support of her CASA/GAL volunteer, Kathy, right there by her side the entire time.  She has grown into a strong, confident and brave woman, and will soon take an amazing journey by bicycling across the U.S.!  Marisa will tell those around her that being a deaf person as an adult has allowed her to connect with people in a meaningful way and that listening and hearing are two completely different things!  Marisa tells us that she feels more tuned into daily activities because she doesn’t have the outside noise as a distraction.  People often ask her how she takes long bike rides without any music, and she will tell them that it is a time to think — a meditative experience.  We are so proud of this wonderful journey she is about to take and has stayed in touch with Kathy for almost 20 years!

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2016 Fox Valley KIDS Marathon

Those kids who joined us last year know what it’s all about and had a blast! This year the program will be an even bigger and better experience. There will be more Group Fun Runs, more games and more opportunities to learn and experience the sport of running. […]

Annual Fall Conference – 2015

Thank you to all that attended our Annual Fall Conference on September 11, 2105.
Also a big thank you to our sponsors. This year’s topic was “Personality Disorders and the DSM-5” with speaker Gregory W. Lester, PhD
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